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Phlox Season 2 Update
2 minute read

Survival, Nether & End Reset Schedule

  • Backpack Filling Period: November 4th - November 10th
  • Maintenance Mode: November 11th - November 14th
  • Launch Day: November 15th

Items That Will Be Kept:

  • Ranks: VIP and Vote ranks, along with your vote count.
  • Custom Ranks: Chameleon, Architect, Rodeo, and Arcane art, which includes the custom prefix and the grand architect wand.
  • Keys: All keys present in crates will remain with you.
  • Guilds: The guild itself, its members, and XP will be maintained (achievements excluded).
  • Backpack: Your /backpack contents will be transferred. Use /backpack to manage your items.
  • Claimblocks: Your accumulated claimblocks are secure.
  • Punishments: All existing disciplinary records, such as bans, warnings, mutes, kicks, and jails, will persist.

Items That Will Not Be Kept:

  • Achievements: All personal and guild achievements will be reset.
  • Claims: Claims from the old world will be void, but structures will remain (accessible in adventure mode).
  • Money: Personal and guild bank balances will be reset to zero.
  • Homes: All homes set will be cleared. Use /sethome to create new ones after the reset.
  • Player Shops: All player shops will be removed.
  • Vaults & Ender Chests: Contents will be cleared. Make sure to transfer items you wish to keep into your /backpack.
  • Auction House: Listings will be cleared.
  • Worlds: There will be a full reset of Overworld, Nether, and End, including all resource worlds.
  • Phlox seeds

Backpack Transfer Instructions:

  • Use /backpack to secure the following items:
    • Custom Hats: From crates, vote shop, and top voter rewards.
    • Custom Swords: Available from crates and the vote shop.
    • Custom Armor: Provided in crates and the vote shop.

Reminder: Your backpack will only retain custom items such as hats, tools, and armor from crates. Make sure to transfer your items by November 11th. Phlox seeds will not be saved.

New Spawn 2.0

  • Discover a brand new Spawn area designed for exploration, complete with the ability to fly and find easter eggs; can you find them all?
  • Map made by Laomedeia
  • 2 easter eggs made by _Meraxes2

Economy Adjustments:

  • Income Changes: To balance the economy, money earned from activities like killing mobs, completing jobs, and guild achievements will now be halved.
  • Botanist’s Shop: Expect a wider variety of items to purchase. Stay tuned for updates on the inventory expansion.

Gear up for a renewed Phlox experience with a balanced economy and an exciting new world to explore. Don't forget to transfer your items and get ready for the grand launch!

Easter Event
Easter Event
This upcoming Saturday we'll be hosting a fun little event! Make sure to mark your calendar to participate on Saturday the 23rd, at 8:30PM EET in our wonderful....

Easter event!
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Valentine's day event!
Valentine's day event!
We're very happy to finally announce our first event! Valentine's day Event! The event will have 3 games as well as Secret Admirer (for those who are participating in it <3) Mark up March 4th 8:00PM EET in your calendars, as that's when the event...
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About Phlox (play.phloxmc.net)
About Phlox (play.phloxmc.net)
  Phlox is a newly opened no-grief Survival server that offers many custom-made features to make your playing experience better. Play alone or create a guild with your friends! We have a chill and welcoming community, and we hope to see you soon!
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