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Valentine's day event!
2 minute read

We're very happy to finally announce our first event! Valentine's day Event!

The event will have 3 games as well as Secret Admirer (for those who are participating in it <3)

Mark up March 4th 8:00PM EET in your calendars, as that's when the event will start!


The event includes:

Point system

  • Each player who participates in any of the games (if not all) gets a point for completing a task/staying in the game!
  • The staff team will count your points together at the end of the event, and announce the top 3 players of the event!
    • Winner is determined by the amount of points at the end of the event.

Hunger games

  • Rules
    • Each player will individually be placed in their start points around the spawn. Kindly wait for your turn!
    • There's a 30 second grace period (PVP off) after the game has started. Everyone gets +1 point!
    • Each player will gather loot from the chests around the map. Point is to get armor, good tools and food to fight off everyone else. Players who get a kill get +2 points per kill.
    • Each survivor will get +3 points at the 5 minute mark!
    • 3rd finishing player will get +4 points!
    • 2nd player gets +6 points
    • Winning player will get +8 points!
    • The game will last for 15 minutes in total! Follow staff's word and announcements in-game to be on track <3


Heart Hunt

  • Rules
    • Everyone will start with empty inventories by the spawn point
    • Each player has 10 minutes to find as many hearts as possible!
    • Red heart (common) : +1 point per heart
    • Pink heart (uncommon) : +3 points
    • Purple hearts (rare) : +5 points
    • Gather as many hearts as possible during the 10 minutes!



  • Rules
    • Everyone will start at the start island
    • Those who finish the Easy route get +5 points
    • Those who finish the Hard route get +12 points
    • (In total 17 points if you finish both)
    • Time limit is 15 minutes!


Secret Admirer

  • Rules
    • Only participants can enter the Secret Admirer warp!
    • All participants have their names on chests
    • Each participant has a target, and will place gifts in their target's chest
    • "Gift opening" is on Feb 18th!! Do not touch your own chest untill the end of Valentine's day event!
    • You have till the end of February to pick up your gifts from your own chest!
    • Those who leave their target's chest empty will get a punishment.
    • All participants will get 2 points <3



  • 1st place : VIP2, $10 store credit, 3x Valentine crate keys, exclusive hat!
  • 2nd place : $7 store credit, 2x Valentine crate keys
  • 3rd place : $5 store credit, 1x Valentine crate key

(The admins can change rewards according to their own changes or feedback)


Hopefully we'll see as many of you as possible in-game on March 4th, 8:00PM EET <3

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